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We live in a time where change happens constantly and rapidly. It is important, for any company, to change along with these new developments. This can be done by following the current trends and developments. But also by constantly accompanying the needs of your consumers and clients. This should lead you to innovation.


As a trend researcher and concept developer in Amersfoort I can help you achieve this. I offer several packages to help your business with trend research and/or concept development. This way we can work together to bring out the best of your company.


In the packages I concretely specify what the added value is of the trends and concepts for your company. Of course there are other trend and concept projects I can work on that aren’t listed below. If that’s the case, we can arrange a sit-down, Skype or FaceTime meeting to discus the project you have in mind and how this will benefit your company.


Consulting start

A halfday, consisting of a brainstorm session, finding common ground and forming the enquiry that the collaboration will be based on. After which I will formulate my findings and create an action plan.


Personalized trend presentation

A presentation based on research done to answer your companies’ main enquiry. With this research we look at (social) development in regards to your enquiry.


Trend report

An extensive report based on relevant developments of your market.
Specifically selected in regards to your request.


Concept development // finetuning

The development of a product or service that answers your companies request or the (latent)need of your client and/or consumer. The (re)branding of your company will also be taken into account.


Blogs // articles // copywriting

Research and knowledge of relevant trends and developments of your market will be set into imagery and words. Besides the identification of these movements, they will also be analyzed and the connections within the different sectors will be brought to light.


Scenario plans and advise

After having done research into diverse market developments, several scenarios will be formed that your company might have to deal with in the future. A consult will be offered on how your company can best handle these predictions.


Below you’ll find my versatile portfolio with different clients
for trend research and concept development
in Amersfoort.


Be impressed by the different innovative projects.

Seats2Meet / Bureau Buyten / Meer&Co. trendonderzoek | ietsmethaar | Trendonderzoek en conceptontwikkeling in Amersfoort

Seats2Meet / Bureau Buyten / Meer&Co.

A Beautiful Story onderzoek naar trends en conceptontwikkeling | ietsmethaar | Trendonderzoek en conceptontwikkeling in Amersfoort

A Beautiful Story

Bindi customer journey mapping | ietsmethaar | Trendonderzoek en conceptontwikkeling in Amersfoort


Move Autoverhuur app conceptontwikkeling | ietsmethaar | Trendonderzoek en conceptontwikkeling in Amersfoort

Move Autoverhuur

Flexi-Bel Kelvin lamp concept | ietsmethaar | Trendonderzoek en conceptontwikkeling in Amersfoort


Want to work together?

Get the best out of your company by capitalizing on
relevant trends and developments in society.


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