Seats2Meet / Bureau Buyten / Meer&Co.

Assigned by Hanneke van der Meer (Meer and Co.) en Yvonne Hogt (Seats2Meet + Bureau Buyten), I completed a trend research about the workspace for the Millennials in Amersfoort. The goal for this research was to find a better fit between the different work-spaces and the Millennials within Amersfoort. The goal of this research was to improve the quality of work- and private lives of local Millennials.


As is it with Lego, it is possible to build a platform where the Amersfoort Millennials can form their own community that focusses on combining lifestyle, work and recreation. This concept is about creating an affordable housing corporation that is developed and inhabited by the target group. This not only makes living and in Amersfoort easier and more affordable, but it also creates social cohesion and support in personal and private environments.



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