During this mastermind we make your dream come true! You will set a concrete goal and focus on small steps that will bring you closer to that goal. At the end of the day you have a plan of action, created by you and for you. By breaking down habits and making choices you will improve your quality of life.


The ladies of NTWRKPLK already know how important it is to have a network full of creative, entrepreneurial women. If you are not (yet) a member of NTWRKPLK, that does not matter at all! During this MSTRMND, get immersed in a vibrant environment where growth and inspiration are central. Where female entrepreneurs make the best out of themselves and support each other in this process. Look for your focus, step into your strength and build on it.


  • Motivation

What is your core motivation?


  • Visionboard

What does your life look like right now? What does your ideal life look like? What is the gap between both worlds? Visualize your ideal life and create a focus point.


  • Goals

What concrete steps are you going to take to achieve your goal? Who and/or what do you need?


  • Connect

Who has a similar focus? How do you constantly keep each other on-target and motivate each other?


  • Schedule

What is priority in your planning? What is on your schedule and to-do lists? Where are you in 90 days concerning your goal?


  • Start

What are your negative beliefs that may hold you back from your goal? What do you need to make this personal and professional growth?


  • Finish

After 30 days: Follow up – Are there still questions regarding planning?

After 60 days: Finish – Are you closer to your goal or is your goal not feasible?

After 90 days: Treat yourself – Get a discount for MSTRMND #2.


Date: September 19, 2019

This is a recurring event and will take place every quarter.

Location:  NTWRKPLK, Bergstraat 8, 3811 NH Amersfoort
Start workshop: 16:00-20:00


Price NTWRKPLK members: €75,- incl. VAT*
Price new NTWRKPLK member: €82,50 incl. VAT*
Price non member: €90,- incl. VAT*


*There is no refund possible for this workshop. When we receive a payment confirmation, your registration is final.

About Lilian

As a hairdresser and make-up artist, she works at her company ietsmethaar while she is also head of NTWRPLK, the women’s network for ambitious women in Amersfoort. With this platform she hopes to help women to find their own strength, by sharing knowledge.


More about Lilian and her company can be read in her interview.


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Preparation assignment:
Create a visionboard on Pinterest and share it with @ietsmethaar.

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Lilian Prins | ietsmethaar | Kapper, visagist, conceptontwikkelaar en trendonderzoeker in Amersfoort

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