Move Autoverhuur

Whilst strengthening business concepts, I take a critical look at a company’s existing concept(s). I take into account the main vision of the company and the direction the client wants to take it’s business. My goal always stays the same; to raise the concept to a higher level. I take a good idea and make it an amazing one.


This is why I changed the idea of ordering a car through an app into a total-concept. Not just the app users would be taken into account, but also future users. A total experience from start to finish. Clique is an app that provides a car delivery service, straight to your front door, within an hour. Whether you want a ride on the boulevard, or leave an impeccable impression at a party, Clique offers your ideal cars and at the ideal time. In addition, the vehicle deliverers make a marvelous impression by returning to the company in their striking workwear on a Mono Wheel. This is durable, simple and perfect for modern day society.



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