Lilian Prins

Lilian Prins | ietsmethaar | NTWRKPLK is hét vrouwennetwerk in Amersfoort voor ambitieuze vrouwen
Recensie vrouwennetwerk Amersfoort | ietsmethaar | NTWRKPLK is hét vrouwennetwerk in Amersfoort voor ambitieuze vrouwen

“Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay.” – Dalai Lama

My name is Lilian. I am the creator of Ietsmethaar and NTWRKPLK. I live in the heart of Amersfoort en have literally surrounded myself with a bunch of fun, interesting and inspiring people.


My life’s motivation is to do those things that make me happy. Of course this may vary from time to time, but when I find the things things that are inline with my heart, I will give it my all to accomplish my goals. And so after high school I decided to focus my all on hair and make-up. I was able to do this in a diverse range of hairdressing salons, but also at photoshoots, fashion shows and film productions. I reached my goals and yet something seemed to be missing!


After a beautiful trip and a whole bunch of brain-warps, I found a bachelors degree that offered me a new and exciting direction: International Lifestyle Studies. This degree turned me into a concept developer and trend researcher. As a hair and make-up stylist I already enjoyed working with other people, but this program taught me all about marked research, sociology, psychology and philosophy. Besides being creative with a pair of scissors and a brush, I was now able to think creatively and develop or improve cross-sectoral concepts by setting up and analyzing global trends. Within this field I came across many creative minds that taught me the importance of having a healthy network in regards to functioning well in our society. We can help eachother by finding out our strenghts, and finding those strenghts in one another.


My four-year bachelor program went by quickly, and i can add a few titels to my name. Yet I am still yearning for a over all picture, where all my passions and tallents come together.


ietsmethaar was created and because of my bachelors degree and local network, NTWRKPLK followed soon after. After another course, themed: Positive Phycology, I was convinced that I was still headed in the right direction. In conclusion: innovation that focusses on developing identity.


I have very diverse interests. I enjoy working alongside others and believe there is always room for progress. I also believe that no person can conquer the world alone.  We all need other peoples views of life to create our own vision.


Take a cube for example. I may see one side of the cube. Its red. Yet you may see another side of the cube. Its blue. Both of us will have a different opinion on the color of the cube. Only when we decide to share our finding with one another, we can distinguish the exterior of the cube. Now lets change this cube in this example into earth. Lets establish together how diverse  earth really is.


In retrospect: What is it that i like? Diversity, people and innovation! And what do these things offer me? Inspiration, knowledge and connection. What do I hope to learn from all this? A global awareness of how beautiful the world is, how amazing the people are and that everyone deserves to be happy.


In the future, I would like NTWRKPLK to grow organically and become a wold-wide cross sectoral orientated team. I would like NTWRKPLK to highlight countries or regions with stimulating impulses. Until that time I will continue locally by showing anyone and everyone how amazing our NTWRKPLK women in Amersfoort really are. If I can open a special location in the meantime, for all women involved to come together and work on their network, I would be extremely happy. But hé, even I cant conquer the world by myself.

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