Ingelise de Vries

Ingelise de Vries | ietsmethaar | NTWRKPLK is hét vrouwennetwerk in Amersfoort voor ambitieuze vrouwen
Ingelise de Vries | ietsmethaar | NTWRKPLK is hét vrouwennetwerk in Amersfoort voor ambitieuze vrouwen

“It’s not a bad thing if not everything goes (as fast) as you had in mind.”

You can plan everything, but in the end all you can do is see how it goes. That’s exactly how it went with my career. As a child and adolescent, I didn’t know what I wanted to become. And now I am extremely happy as a freelance journalist and communication specialist. For me, the most beautiful thing is to tell the stories of others. Which makes it even more difficult to write items about myself. During the last couple of years, I have mainly specialized in interviewing people. That is still what I prefer to do.


In recent years I have worked on a lot of different things. From marketing at a record company to writing big stories for a newspaper. And interviewing unknown people with a nice story, to a brand campaign to produce items or reports on major events. I enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories. And if I can also get to write about them, that makes it even better.


I grew up in Amersfoort and after 19 years I went to Utrecht first and then Amsterdam. I am now back – which has been the best choice of 2018 – and ended up at NTWRKPLK. I like being in a network of like-minded women who are so different at the same time. Every woman in NTWKPLK has her own passion, path, beautiful things, difficulties and things we can learn from each other. I think that is extremely important and nice as an entrepreneur.


As a freelancer I sometimes work in the same place for a long time, sometimes the jobs are for a short period. Last couple of years freelancing has regularly felt like an internship. Despite my expertise, there is something new to learn from every place and from every person. I am not finished with this for the time being. What the future will bring? I don’t know yet. Just like I didn’t know what I wanted to become. But I do know that I can trust my intuition, so it will be fine. Mostly then.

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