Flexi-Bel has a young and enthusiastic team. It was set up by eight International Lifestyle students in The Netherlands. With the Flexi-Bel lamp, children get a chance to express and develop their creativity during a period of their lives when creativity is significant.


‘Kelvin’ is a changeable lifestyle lamp that stimulates the creativity of children from the age of eight to twelve. With a five-meter-long cord and five different colors of satin thread for decoration purposes, children can create a unique lamp. This is done through various weaving techniques, with the different colored satin thread. In addition, the five-meter-long cord also provides the possibility to decorate a room. The decorating can be done by attaching the flexible cord to the wall, ceiling or furniture. The process of braiding and shaping can be repeated time and time again, and so ‘Kelvin’ grows along with the creative development of the children.



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