Astrid Beijen

Astrid Beijen | ietsmethaar | NTWRKPLK is hét vrouwennetwerk in Amersfoort voor ambitieuze vrouwen
Astrid Beijen | ietsmethaar | NTWRKPLK is hét vrouwennetwerk in Amersfoort voor ambitieuze vrouwen

“Weather is a great metaphor for life, sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, and there’s not much you can do about it but carry an umbrella or dance in the rain.”

I am Astrid Beijen, 29 years old and living with my boyfriend. We currently live in Bussum, but at the end of the year we are moving to Baarn. Every other weekend his 3,5 year old son lives with us as well. In my free time I love to cook, working with nutrition in general, do sports and of course hanging out with friends.


I’ve been working in the staffing industry for over 6 years and am currently a business unit manager for a specialized staffing agency. I ended up here via an external mediator, who is actually someone who does the same work as I do, only in another sector. I enjoy working with people with and exploring the structure and processes of companies. These two aspects come together well in my role as business unit manager.


I want to do more with my passion: Sports. Starting next year I will be giving bootcamp training. The choice to do something with sports originated during my burn-out in which I noticed that sport really helped me start feeling better again. From my own experience I can therefore say that exercise contributes to a positive mindset and a happier life. I would like to convey this to others. I will start with bootcamp training which later on might grow more into the field of nutrition and personal training.


To me NTWRKPLK seems super cool and a way to expand my network with a group of like-minded, ambitious women who follow their passion. I think I can learn a lot from this and I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and communicating it to others. I hope to be able to learn from others about their field of expertise. In addition, I think there is alot to learn from other entrepreneurs, their ideas, concepts and creating valuable new perspectives. I myself have more than 6 years of experience in sales and have also followed a business administration study. In this area, I might therefore be able to help others. My experience with sports and nutrition may also be interesting for others.


In the future I see myself as a happy person who has organized her work and private life in such a way that it is in balance with each other. I will have the time for my work, as well as for my family and friends. My dream is to have a successful business in the field of nutrition and sports, in which I emphasize the mindset. I believe that the right mindset is always the base for success, whether it is about achieving a sport goal or, for example, a promotion. For me, it seems super cool to help others in this and thus achieve their goal of living healthier.


The tip I would like to give others is that you should always put yourself first, choose what you want and adapt your environment accordingly. If you are going to adapt to what your environment wants, then you won’t become a happier person and this actually means that you don’t have the right people around you. If you choose for yourself, for who you are, what you stand for and what you want, then the right environment follows automatically. This also means that you will probably lose some people, but you have to ask yourself whether these were the right people for your environment in the first place.

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