Before your subscribe it’s important to read the blueprint first! Here you will find all the necessary information. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


NTWRKPLK offers a network full of inspiring women from Amersfoort, all with their own knowledge and expertise, whether they are entrepreneurs or not. We offer each other support in professional and personal development on a broad level.


This amount is €25,00 a month (including VAT). The first month is a free trial. The following costs are incurred through direct debit.


Since NTWRKPLK is growing steadily, it is important that everyone knows who is already part of the group.
In addition to the monthly meet-up, contact is mainly through Slack and Facebook. Every week, an interview with one of the NTWRKPLK ladies is posted on the website.


It is important that everyone can approach each other beforehand. Because of this, everyone is asked to write a short introduction about themselves, which is shared in the NTWRKPLK Facebook group. The introduction can be read by every member, even when you are new to the group and cannot see previous conversations from NTWRKPLK.


This concerns the following questions:

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