NTWRKPLK is THE women’s networking meetup in Amersfoort for ambitious women. It’s a platform where you can network with other ambitious women to inspire and support each other to create new initiatives. The general idea is that several different point of views can take a simple idea to a whole new level. It is a platform for the curious and willful with a strong vision, that want to be part of a new way of thinking. And all of this will be within a safe atmosphere that feels like home.

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Connecting a variety of ambitious women that can network, inspire and support each other. Both professionally as personally. As powerful women we know very well how to lead our lives. However, a few extra perspectives and new insights are always welcome. The more diverse the group, the better. For the entrepreneurial women, this group could also function as a test panel or point of sales. NTWRKPLK is THE women’s networking meetup in Amersfoort for ambitious women.


To grow NTWRKPLK organically from THE women’s networking meetup in Amersfoort for ambitious women to a worldwide cross-sector oriented women’s network where entrepreneurial women in different countries can network, inspire and support one another.

Monthly Meet-Up

Every second Friday of every Month at 15:00

Bring something to the table

You are free to bring along whatever you want. For example, you could bring along great new ideas, inspiring stories, or even a little snack or drink. You are here to work on yourself and to support others in their own personal growth.

Do it for the team spirit

If you know anyone who would enjoy, benefit from-, or use a female community, please pass it on! Trust your gut in order to decide who can bring something to the table and can benefit from NTWRKPLK.

Keep it a secret

Secrecy and safety are highly valued in our community. Everyone should be able to speak freely, so that creative ideas can flow. Nothing may be copied, recorded, shared or spread around.


Do you want to join THE women’s networking meetup in Amersfoort for ambitious women? Increase your network in Amersfoort, get inspired and get in contact with other entrepreneurial women. Click on the button below to sign up.

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