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Welcome to ietsmethaar, a multifaceted company that merges together hair, makeup and concept development in Amersfoort to highlight the uniqueness and originality of every person. Like any human, this company is incredibly versatile and can therefore identify and finetune your unique selling point in many different ways. From creating the best version of yourself on your happiest day with bridal makeup and wedding hairstyles to helping with concept development and trend research to bringing together ambitious women. ietsmethaar is the place you’re looking for if you want to develop yourself professionally or personally.


ietsmethaar is cross-sector orientated and aware of current, yet ever changing social developments. These developments are of utmost importance to this rapidly changing world and its markets. At ietsmethaar, your professional and personal life will merge together. Once you have defined who you are (your unique person) and what you stand for, you can make this your own and use this in every aspect of your life.

Lilian Prins | ietsmethaar | Kapper, visagist, conceptontwikkelaar en trendonderzoeker in Amersfoort

About me

As a hair stylist, makeup artist and concept developer I’ve already accomplished quite a lot, and currently I’m doing even more. Why? Because I don’t want to stop learning or growing. I learn every day, by meeting new, inspirational people and every situation I find myself in. ’Wings to fly, Roots to come back to, Reasons to Stay’’ is a quote by the Dalai Lama that I’ve had tattooed on my body. This quote represents my vision on life and is the reason I do the things that I do.


Love, Lilian

Kapper en visagist | ietsmethaar | Haar, visagie en conceptontwikkeling in Amersfoort


Hair stylist and makeup artist in Amersfoort

ietsmethaar was created by my need to make hair look beautiful. As far as I can remember I’ve always loved working with hair and make-up. Not because I think it’s a necessity in every day life, but because of the creative aspect of being a hair stylist; a tool to create your own identity.

Vrouwennetwerk in Amersfoort | ietsmethaar | Haar, visagie en conceptontwikkeling in Amersfoort


THE co-workingspace and women’s networking meetup in Amersfoort for ambitious women

NTWRKPLK is an ideas breeding ground for creative and proactive women located in Amersfoort. It offers a platform where you can network with other ambitious women to inspire and support each other to create new initiatives. The general idea is that several different point of views can take a simple idea to a whole new level.

Trendonderzoek & conceptontwikkeling | ietsmethaar | Haar, visagie en conceptontwikkeling in Amersfoort

trend & concept

Trend research & concept development in Amersfoort

We live in a time where change happens constantly and rapidly. It is of vital importance, for any company, to change along with these new developments. This can be done by following the correct and current trends and by constantly accompanying the needs of your consumers and clients. This should lead you to innovation. As a trend researcher and concept developer I can help you achieve this.

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